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Brianza Plastica growing in the recreational vehicle industry

Brianza Plastica growing
in the recreational vehicle industry

Brianza Plastica continues to believe in the growth potential of the recreational vehicle industry, attending the Caravan Salon, the biggest industry-specific trade fair at international level, for the third time.
The purpose of attending the trade fair which is scheduled to take place in Düsseldorf is not only to develop the German market, which the Company’s interest in is clearly demonstrated by its CIVD membership, a German association that groups together the leading players in the reference sector, but also to achieve commercial development at global level by a Company which is already present on the American, Asian and Australian markets. The Company has already been attending All in Caravaning in Beijing – the reference trade fair for the Asian market – for some years, to confirm

Brianza Plastica’s interest in developing emerging markets. The Company also has a commercial branch in Elkhart, in Indiana, for development across the US market.
“Our presence on the flat laminate rolls and sheets for panel production market – states Gianluca Della Pedrina, export sales manager at Brianza Plastica – began in the 2000s, but it stems from the experience acquired since the Company was set up, back in 1962, for the production of fibreglass laminates for the building industry. To date, we are the only Company on the market in a position to offer both laminates made using the hot lamination process – our Elyplan
range which is characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio, – as well as laminates made using the cold lamination process, in other words allowing the polyester resin to polymerise at room temperature – our

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Elycold range – which stands out for its impeccable aesthetic finish, guaranteed by the near-invisibility of the fibreglass”.
Brianza Plastica has consolidated its growth in the sector thanks to significant investments in production which, following the construction of a new production plant in Rovigo for the Elycold laminates and the construction of a new line for Elyplan laminates at the Carate Brianza plant, has essentialy doubled its production capacity.
Superior quality, light weight, hard-wearing durability, aesthetic appeal, resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays, easy repair, low coefficient of thermal expansion and a wide range of finishes have made it possible for Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass panels to be used extensively in the recreational vehicles industry (motorhomes and caravans), for the construction of walls, hail-resistant roofing, flooring and indoor wall tiling.
The laminates dedicated to the RV industry have a variable thickness of between 1 and 4 mm, featuring a reinforcing mat or not, with customisable colour, in a matt or glossy finish.
At the Caravan Salon, Brianza Plastica (hall 13, booth E 84) will be presenting its new Elyplan Antislip range distinguished by superior slip resistance, thanks to the addition of special mineral granules. It is the ideal product for making floors with hatches in recreational vehicles.

ELYPLAN DESIGN– the fibreglass laminate with PVC or paper to customise vehicle interiors.

Elyplan Design is distinguished by the coupling of materials such as PVC and PRINTED PAPER directly on the production line. Elyplan Design is normally used for interior applications (floors/walls) in recreational or people carrying vehicles, as an excellent alternative to plywood, as it is a composite element that
is ready for use; it therefore saves time during the production process, while concurrently guaranteeing maximum structural efficiency of the panel intended for flooring use. Elyplan Design is available in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing the utmost freedom of choice; this laminate combines the advantages of a continuously produced product with a diverse aesthetic finish.

ELYPLAN DESIGN- the fibreglass laminates for RV interirors
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Brianza Plastica laminates growing in the recreational vehicle industry
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Company Profile

Brianza Plastica was set up in 1962 to produce fibreglass laminates. Over time, it has significantly extended its market presence with a comprehensive product range. It has served the construction industry from day one and has been enjoying increasing success in the transport sector since 2006. In this arena, it supplies fibreglass sheets both to manufacturers of recreational vehicles (campers and caravans) and to lorry and refrigerated-trailer producers. The Company is based in Carate Brianza (just north of Milan), with other factories in Ferrandina (near Matera), Ostellato (near Ferrara) and two in San Martino di Venezze (near Rovigo). It has commercial branches in Lyon (France) and Elkhart (USA). Brianza Plastica is one of the european largest manufacturer of fiberglass laminates; it produces laminates both with continuous hot and with discontinuous cold technology. The Company has 260 employees and invoices over 70 million euros.

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