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Move on with H.B. Fuller’s global adhesive power

Move on with H.B. Fuller’s global adhesive power

Turning RV manufacturers’ visions into reality

H.B. Fuller’s acquisition of Royal Adhesives and Sealants, including the KÖMMERLING Chemische Fabrik GmbH business, created a unique powerhouse of RV adhesive and sealant expertise. A year on, we take a look at how the company’s one-stop solution is helping RV manufacturers meet the rapidly growing market for leisure vehicles.

Words John Rawlings

As demand for recreational vehicles rises around the globe, RV manufacturers face the challenge that comes with dramatically increased capacity. Growth in Europe is particularly buoyant with Germany heading for its eighth successive year of record sales. The global RV adhesive expert H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING has developed its offering to help businesses in Europe take advantage of this growth. Its approach is designed to enable RV manufacturers to maintain assured quality, production line safety and efficiency, as well as helping them generate bright new ideas for ongoing success

The widest range of RV sealant technology H.B. Fuller | KÖMMERLING offers a one-stop solution, supplying products for every conceivable RV application. Its large and growing range of sealants and adhesives covers the widest number of quality solutions for sandwich construction, assembly bonding and interior finishing and glazing. Customers openly acknowledge the benefits of the company’s joined-up thinking and close support, and point to greater efficiencies in their production line through faster application, cleaner running lines and zero-defect manufacturing

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Achieving more with less “We believe the breadth of our adhesive and sealant technology, combined with our service culture, gives RV manufacturers the freedom to move on as a business. In turn, this ensures that their own customers can enjoy added confidence in the build, quality and appearance of their RVs,” says Ralf Fuhrmann, business manager, Transportation Adhesives & Aftermarket at KÖMMERLING Chemische Fabrik GmbH. H.B. Fuller has proven expertise in the full range of adhesive technology for sandwich panels. This includes liquid-applied, mois

H.B. Fuller’s: Turning RV manufacturers’ visions into reality
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ture-cure polyurethanes, as well as 2-part polyurethanes used for exclusive vehicle construction and a choice of reactive hot melt adhesives. Add KÖMMERLING’s renowned 2-part elastic adhesive technology for confident assembly and its complete range of sealing and bonding solutions for the vehicle interior, and you’ll understand how the one-stop shop philosophy makes all the difference.
Fuhrmann continues, “The drive for improved sustainability means businesses are looking to achieve more with less. We have the global adhesive expertise to help our customers do this, working in close partnership to advise on the best possible solution for a particular application.”

Delivering tomorrow’s vision
H.B. Fuller and KÖMMERLING’s R&D experts are playing an important role in this stepchange for the RV manufacturing sector. The company’s RV product range is backed by a network of adhesive centres across the world focused on accelerating innovative thinking and developing smart technology. The company’s state-of-the-art adhesive academy based in Lüneburg, Germany, and Kömmerling’s headquarters in Pirmasens, Germany, offer product testing and access to the very latest thinking across the widest possible number of substrates.
“RV manufacturers are turning to us to help make their design visions reality,” says Iñaki Sigler, marketing manager, Durable Assembly, at H.B. Fuller. “Innovative sealants and adhesives enable manufacturers to meet their production challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. For example, the right adhesion can help improve fuel efficiency, underpin hardwearing performance and produce the impeccable long-lasting finish customers now expect.”

Products in focus

Here are two highlight products from H.B. Fuller’s comprehensive range of sealants and adhesives:

Sandwich panel production Icema™ 145 – Icema 145 R consists of a wide range of 1- component liquid PU, developed to meet different processing conditions. The products offer a very strong bond, allowing manufacturers to create a high quality and durable panel.

Körapop 225: Körapop 225 is a silane-terminated polymer for bonding and sealing many of the substrates typically used in caravan manufacturing. It provides a durable and elastic sealant for wood, GFRP, metals and many plastics. This innovative technology cleverly compensates for the expansion of different materials commonly experienced during the bonding process due to temperature variations.

To find out more about how H.B. Fuller is using its adhesive and sealant expertise to create innovative solutions for the RV manufacturing sector, see www.hbfuller.com and www.koe-chemie.com

global adhesive power for RV interiors
global adhesive power for RV
Lüneburg Adhesive Academy, H.B. Fuller’s technical centre of excellence
Lüneburg Adhesive Academy,
H.B. Fuller’s technical centre of excellence