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range expands

Brianza Plastica believes firmly in the prospect of growth in the recreational vehicle sector and will be at this year’s Caravan Salon, the world’s leading trade fair
in the sector, with a doubled and renovated stand (hall 13, stand E 88). The company, which has participated in this very important event for years (and is also a member of the German organisation CIVD, an association that brings together the main players in the sector), has a strong interest in the German market, while being fully aware of the fact that this showcase allows visibility at an almost global level. Alongside its strong presence on the main European markets, Brianza Plastica has been active on a global scale for years, with activities and exhibitions on the various continents, such as All in Caravaning in Beijing, the leading trade fair in the sector for the Asian market.
Brianza Plastica products play a leading role in the recreational vehicle sector, where the aesthetic quality of its laminates is particu-

larly appreciated. The company’s presence in the market of flat laminates in rolls and sheets destined for the production of panels began in the 2000s, but stems from the experience matured, since the company was founded in 1962, in the production of fibreglass laminates for the building sector. Brianza Plastica is currently in a position to offer both hot-rolled laminates, under the Elyplan brand, and cold-rolled laminates, in which the polyester resin is allowed to polymerise at room temperature, under the Elycold brand, characterised by a high-level aesthetic finish, guaranteed by the use of fibreglass with an almost invisible appearance.
Very high quality, lightness, strength, aesthetic appeal and a variety of finishes have allowed the extensive use of Elycold and Elyplan fibreglass laminates in the recreational vehicle sector (campers and caravans) for the construction of walls, hail-proof roofs, floors and interior coverings. Brianza Plastica’s range

of flat laminates is distinguished by the extreme durability of the material, resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays thanks to the gelcoat protection, easy repair and low thermal expansion coefficient. Brianza Plastica laminates for the RV sector range in thickness from 0.8 to 4 mm, with or without

ZEUS innovative thermoelectric generator by Mobiltech
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a reinforcement mat. It is possible to customise the colour and choose between a matt or glossy finish.
In Brianza Plastica stand at Caravan Salon will be space for Mobiltech srl, a new entry in Brianza Plastica’s Group. The Company manufactures and markets satellite antennas and a range of extremely innovative power generators (static and silent, covered by patents) under the ZEUS brand, which allow different
types of boats and vehicles, including recreational vehicles, to achieve total energy autonomy. The operation confirms the Brianza Plastica Group’s interest and commitment to both the recreational and commercial transport sector, which began over 14 years ago and has led to the opening of three new production sites in Italy for the manufacturing of composite fibreglass laminates used to make panels. “We believe that the ability to generate energy efficiently, economically and with a low environmental impact is also very important for the transport sector in gener

Alberto Crippa : The product range expands

al, and not only for the construction sector, which is historical for us. Both the satellite antennas and, more significantly, the ZEUS generator, will contribute to strengthening our relationship with the recreational vehicle sector, where we are already suppliers for the main European manufacturers,” says Alberto Crippa, Managing Director of Brianza Plastica Spa and President of Mobiltech Srl.

Brianza Plastica Fibreglass

Company Profile

Brianza Plastica was set up in 1962 to produce fibreglass laminates. Over time, it has significantly extended its market presence with a comprehensive product range. It has served the construction industry from day one and has been enjoying increasing success in the transport sector since 2006. In this arena, it supplies fibreglass sheets both to manufacturers of recreational vehicles (campers and caravans) and to lorry and refrigerated-trailer producers. The Company is based in Carate Brianza (just north of Milan), with other factories in Ferrandina (near Matera), Ostellato (near Ferrara) and two in San Martino di Venezze
(near Rovigo). It has commercial branches in Lyon (France) and Elkhart (USA). Brianza Plastica is one of the european largest manufacturer of fiberglass laminates; it produces laminates both with continuous hot and with discontinuous cold technology. The Company has 260 employees and invoices over 70 million euros.

Elyplan Design: the fibreglass laminate with PVC or paper for recreational vehicles

ibreglass laminate with PVC or paper for recreational vehicles

Elyplan Design is a composite laminate of excellent quality, characterised by the bonding of materials such as PVC and PAPER directly onto the fiberglass laminate in the production line. It is generally used for the interior (floors and walls) of recreational vehicles, as an excellent alternative to plywood because it is a ready-to-use composite element; therefore, it allows saving time in the production process while ensuring maximum structural efficiency of the floor panel. Elyplan Design comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, giving maximum freedom of choice. It combines the benefits of a continuous product with a variety of different aesthetic finishes.

New Elyplan Metallic Colours

The new Elyplan sheets and rolls in metallic colours produced with continuous hot laminating process are available with a Standard and High Finish surface. Ready to use: the product ensures excellent aesthetic quality, which means no additional coating or painting is required. It comes in a wide range of colours, from grey to all the RAL colours, upon evaluation with our sales team and with minimum quantities. Available in various thicknesses, with optional mat.

Standard Metallic

  • Thickness: from 0.8 to 3 mm
  • Widths of up to 3,200 mm
  • Rolls or sheets (on request)
  • With protective film
  • In different colours: grey, other colours on request


  • Exterior and interior walls of recreational/commercial vehicles
  • Doors
  • Billboards
  • Panelling for industrial insulation
  • Other

High Finish Metallic

  • Thickness: 1.1 or 1.6 mm
  • Widths of up to 3,200 mm
  • Rolls or sheets (on request)
  • With protective film
  • In different colours: grey, other colours on request


  • Exterior and interior walls of recreational/commercial vehicles
  • Doors
  • Any application where high aesthetic quality is required
Elyplan sheets and rolls in metallic colours