Get the Perfect Bathroom With JACKOBOARD® Premium Products

Are you renovating your bathroom or building a new one? Create the perfect oasis with water-repelling JACKOBOARD® premium construction boards. Turn a basic washroom into a beautiful retreat using the finest materials and furnishings. JACKOBOARD® premium products accommodate all options for a perfectly finished surface. This includes Plano construction boards and Canto angle elements, both of which allow you to build your dream, custom bathroom with ease.

JACKOBOARD® premium products are the ultimate tool for passionate creatives, allowing for a wide range of possibilities for personal expression. This includes the ability to be used with any wall covering material. Finish JACKOBOARD® premium products with wallpaper, paint, plaster, tiles and more. The options are essentially limitless. Create a bathroom that has striking, extraordinary flair and is truly something you can call your own.


Lightweight XPS Foam Boards

With a highly durable, robust core made of extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam, JACKOBOARD® Plano construction boards offer the ideal characteristics needed for a bathroom building material. These XPS foam boards are lightweight, water-repellent and feature a non-woven coating on both sides. Plano construction boards are compatible with any type of wall finishing, allowing you to even combine different materials on a single board. For example, you can lay tiles in the wet area while using creative wall spackling techniques on other areas.

Installation is simple with JACKOBOARD®. The construction boards and angle elements can easily be trimmed to the required dimensions with standard tools. The integrated filling edge provides space for reinforcement mesh and filler compound, ensuring an even surface. This means the smooth surface also extends to the joints of the board. XPS foam is also an extremely high performance insulator, allowing you to improve comfort and energy efficiency.

Ultimate Flexibility With Plano Construction Boards

JACKOBOARD® Plano construction boards are 100% leak-proof and easy to work with. They are available in several different dimensions and thicknesses to adapt to every project, whether you’re building new or renovating. JACKOBOARD® Plano construction boards can be used to cover and seal walls and floors, shutter pipework and bathtubs, create shower enclosures or install washstands and furniture.


JACKOBOARD® Plano can be used for all coverings, without exception. The boards are easy to grout and provide a perfectly flat surface after application of glass fibre tape or sealing tape in the adhesive mortar. A special non-woven surface makes all finishing options possible, without pre-treatment.

Cano Angle Elements

Canto angle elements are the perfect complement to these JACKOBOARD® premium construction boards. They allow you to create more elegant finishes and make elements like radiator pipes blend in with the wall or floor. The angle elements can be installed on essentially any substrate. Simply trim them to the required dimensions, mount them to the wall or the existing tile covering, and then, after curing, finish them with tiles or wall paper.

Benefits of XPS Foam Construction Boards

Made from an extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam core, the JACKOBOARD® range guarantees long-term leak-proof performance in environments most subject to water spray and moisture. Other qualities include:

  • High compressive strength (300 kPa)
  • Rot-proof and able to resist moisture
  • Lightweight (from 3 to 6 kg/m², depending on the thicknesses selected)
  • Can be trimmed to any shape with a saw, hot wire or cutter
  • Long-term durability
  • Great long-term R-value

The premium boards for renovation and refurbishing are available in five thickness (4, 6, 10, 20 and 50 mm) and in two formats: 1300 x 600 and 2600 x 600 mm.

JACKOBOARD® XPS Foam Construction Boards Supplied by Liner

For over 35 years, JACKON INSULATION has consistently manufactured high quality insulated products. With a strong focus on the customer, JACKOBOARD® products can reliably meet the unique needs of installers operating in the bathroom industry.

At Liner, we’re dedicated to supplying installers with the highest quality materials from leading brands like JACKOBOARD®. Contact us today for a quote, product sample, consultation or for more information about JACKOBOARD® XPS products.

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What is the best material to use for bathroom walls?

Ceramic tile is a classic choice for bathroom walls. With tile, moisture will never be a problem as long as it is properly applied. Other choices include tileboard, beadboard, interior paint or vinyl wallpaper.

Should bathroom walls be insulated?

Neglecting to insulate and air seal behind shower walls can cause significant heat loss, which can make showers, tubs, and bathrooms cold. The insulation behind shower walls should be equal to the insulation installed in the rest of the exterior walls.

What is the best insulation for bathrooms?

Highly durable, moisture resistant insulation like XPS foam is the best option for a bathroom as it will help you avoid mould, rot and other issues related to moisture.